Book Audits: 03:02 by Mainak Dhar


Definitely a goodread. I’m so glad that the author had chosen something other than the cliched  zombies or epidemics for this book.

The story narration was so engrossing that I was able to seamlessly step into the shoes of the main character. I didn’t even read the blurb for the fear of spoilers and it was worth it. The beginning had just the right amount of pace and suspense so as to keep the reader intrigued. 

The story was a very good blend of action, emotion, love (not romance). There were moments when my blood boiled, my eyes rained, my heart raced with fright and ached with a pang of jealousy and pain of loss. The absence of steamy, hot scenes accentuates the author’s confidence in the story to tie down readers.

This might be one of the reasons I was able to connect with this book so much: as a child (even in my engineering), whenever a class was boring, I would venture off into my imagination where a group attacks our class and I would fight them heroically. That is what the main character did in this book.

Some may say that the protagonist having so many resources was not realistic. But let me tell you this, if he didn’t have them, the book would’ve ended before it even began. And I was engrossed enough to not bother questioning the veracity of the technical details mentioned and that’s what I care about ultimately.

What really bugged me after completing the book was what happened to suri. He filled in for the antagonist for the first half and dropped off the radar after that.

And one thing I really liked about this story was the protagonist didn’t carry the whole burden of carrying the story forward it even for that matter, ending it, thereby not needing to break out of the reasonable reality of a fictitious story.

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