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Rest In Pizza (2012)

by Chris Cavender(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
0758271506 (ISBN13: 9780758271501)
Pizza Lovers
review 1: Loved it! I think this is one of the best little cozy mysteries around now. I love the sisters & all the characters. I could read these books all day & night. I really hope it works out for Maddy & this marriage. I also love how Eleanor is growing & that it is not all downhill in the grieving process because she is young & vital. I cannot wait to get the other book & I hope this series continues. Makes me want to have more pizza!!!!
review 2: I just love Eleanor and Maddie's adventures! This time, the owner of Timber Ridge's pizzeria, A Slice of Delight, agrees to help neighbor, Beth, open her bookstore. The sisters agree to help with visiting Chef Benoit, think food network series, who agrees to a book signing. Problem is, the Chef has zero personality and is
... more a diva to no end, making enemies with those around him. When the Chef turns up dead in Eleanor's restaurant, the sisters set to work investigating. They soon discover the suspect list is high; Beth herself, the Chef's long lost daughter, and his estranged girlfriend, Cindy, who is Beth's mom; the Chef's estranged wife, Patrice, his manager, Jessie, and his assistant, Oliver, whom the sisters find out is the real talent behind the Chef's success. It's always interesting how Eleanor figures out who the killer is usually while in their presence or right before a fateful confrontation and this time is no different. You'll have to read the book itself to find out who the killer is and don't forget the delicious recipes included in each book! less
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Don't know how she stays in business with all she gives away.
Love how I am kept guessing until the last chapter! :)
It was a nice story, just average but nice.
Review to come soon.
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