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Oh No, George! (2012)

by Chris Haughton(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
0763655465 (ISBN13: 9780763655464)
review 1: Who can resist a dog who wants to be good but somehow manages to fall just a little short? George's owner is going out and reminds George to be good. George knows he can do it, but then there is the cake, and the cat, and more temptations. What makes this story so great is that the kids will want to say "Oh no George!" each time George is faced with temptations. I saw this book at the bookstore just after reading Shh, we have a plan, which is also a fun story to read aloud.
review 2: I love this story. It's charming, fun and really quite thought-provoking for young readers. I recently read it to a nursery class (aged 3 - 5) who enjoyed hearing about George's adventures, and gasped when George's owner came home! The children joined in with the repeated refra
... morein of 'Oh no, George!' and were able to talk about his behaviour and the consequences after the story. They also agreed that they found it hard to 'be good' sometimes, and I think they appreciated George's unique viewpoint. less
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Chris Haughton is unique. This is one of the funniest picture books i have ever read.
Temptation is rough, eh George?!
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