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Sporting Wood (2010)

by Cindy Spencer Pape(Favorite Author)
3.09 of 5 Votes: 5
Ellora's Cave
review 1: To anyone old enough to have watched and remembered the musical Paint Your Wagon should certainly remember the song ‘I Talk to the Trees’. What then may have seemed as an asinine pastime or ability now finally takes on meaning. This adds a twist to the one longest human act; sex. Cooper Marceski is a professor of botany and in his capacity as scientist and teacher he spends countless hours in the surrounding forests. Another trait Coop displays is transforming periodically into a werewolf. On one of these night time occasions he found himself in a hidden and little visited part of the forest. Suddenly he is assaulted by mysteriously feminine voices. Xera and Kyla are dryads that live in this secreted place. An aphrodisiac attraction soon develops between Coop and Kyla ... moreleading the reader to familiar yet different scenes that answer many questions hitherto unanswered, such as what happens in the forests after dark and why one of the many names for a male erection is a woody. If you are fascinated with nymphs and werewolves this story may just what you are looking for. Personally I see it more as the same old stuff wrapped in a new but extremely thin paper.
review 2: Oh man, this was a cheesy one. It definitely reminds me of why I don't read typical romance/erotica most of the time. I did enjoy the characters, and it being a novella, things had to move quickly. I get that. The setting was cool, too, but the ending just killed it for me. It was just too easy. I did enjoy the campy phrasing though, like "hump a knothole," "keep your twigs off mine" and "nice piece of timber he's sporting." Heh. less
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Very good short story. I enjoyed the plot. This was a free book in the Kindle store.
Just what a short novella should be.
Kindle Edition.
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