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Kilts & Kraken (2012)

by Cindy Spencer Pape(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
Carina Press
Gaslight Chronicles
review 1: Although right now the length suits my available time, I think I'd like these a lot more if they were full-length. I also think I'd better take a break from them, as they are getting pretty similar (protagonists of both genders pointedly over the "traditional" ages for marriage, which we're told many times; recycled research on 19th century prophylactics; etc.). Still, it's a fun little series and I'm sure I'll keep reading it.
review 2: I enjoyed the other books in the Gaslight Chronicles (Steam & Sorcery and Photographs & Phantoms), and I'm a sucker for kilt romance, so I couldn't wait to read this one. If you're familiar with Highland romance stories, you already know the gist of it -- independent woman (in this case, a doctor at a time when women weren't do
... morectors) falls for a "laird" aka massive mountain of a man with a kilt, a Scottish accent, a sense of duty and a troubled past. This laird also has a blessing/curse in that he's bound to the land of his birth and it magically heals him whenever he's wounded, but he also dies if he leaves for too long. The author makes things even more interesting by setting the story in an alternate reality -- steampunk aka what if we never moved on from steam power to using gasoline? And throwing in a dose of magic and fantasy. The Knights of the Round Table are there, but in a kind of X-files form, investigating paranormal activity throughout Britain. A pleasant mix of action, adventure and romance -- I like my romance stories to have a plot, in this case it's the mystery of the vicious attacking kraken. And I like my adventures to have romance, so this fits the bill for fun adult-bedtime reading. Speaking of adult, there's one sex scene in the story. Open door (meaning, you're in the room and know what's going on) hot but not raunchy or unconventional. less
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Steampunk with magik and myths. A novella so not a long read.
A very fairy tale ending but still fairly entertaining.
Loved this book.
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