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Steam & Magic - Feuerspiel (2012)

by Cindy Spencer Pape(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 1
3453529901 (ISBN13: 9783453529908)
Heyne Verlag
Gaslight Chronicles
review 1: I would say this book falls mostly in the realm of historical romance with a dash of magic and steampunk. I liked that the lore focused on the legends of King Arthur since I am a Arthurian at heart.Overall I really enjoyed it. The story and romance is very sweet and it gave me a slight Mary Poppins vibe with her becoming the governess of the children he took in from the street. Expect that he is a knight of the order and she's... well I won't spoil what she is. It had me smiling and my heart melting a bit. I will definitely pick up the next book when I am in the mood for a sweet historical romance.
review 2: For being the first in a series, it doesn't go too much in depth as to the history and worldbuilding, which is annoying. Like, there are vampires, but they
... more sound almost animal -like with claws. Why do they have claws? Why can they change into a gaseous state? I don't know. What role does magic play in the society? Is a recognized piece of society? Unrecognized? Etc. As far as the story goes, I liked the premise. Caroline is a lady governess who is suddenly responsible for 5 street orphans with various powers, and she has some latent abilities as well. The romance is fairly obvious and not terribly well developed. less
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is a fast, light, delightful, sexy read.
Addictive Paranormal romance, pretty fully fleshed out universe.
A good fun read
Pretty good.
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