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Slave Island (2011)

by Claire Thompson(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 2
Romance Unbound Publishing
review 1: ok so i'm never ever in a million years taking a free trip from anyone!!!! i dont care if its even from my mom! Unbeknownst to Julianna she has been book a trip to hell. She under goes torture of the cruelest kind and raped and demoralized on an hourly bases. She wants to find an escape but sadly there isnt one.She even believes Anders one of her captors could help her but that died a sudden death. When she is down at her worst an unlikely savor brings her out of this horrid existence. Julianna is back within the American embassy and has the location of the island of torture and saves the other sex slaves.things toward the end seemed rushed but overall a good read.
review 2: If something is too good to be true, it probably is. I guess I'm just a jaded
... morecynical person because from the get go, I thought, what a dumb bitch. Julianna won an all expense paid trip in a contest she never entered. She did some cursory checks and just went on her merry little way...Then again, she is a young thing at 23 who is obviously sheltered and has no street smarts.The actual training on the island was amusing. It wasn't really that rough or too humiliating. I enjoyed it. If I had been running the island, Julianna would have been trained much harder. I ended up wanting to side with the villains. I kept hoping Julianna would be broken, remolded and shipped off to a new master. It could be a have a special fondness for redheads and would love to get my hands on one to dominate, degrade and torture.I wanted more degradations, humiliations and forced unwanted responses from her body. I felt she got off light. Where was the rape? It was glossed over. More f/f action would have been good too.Ms. Thompson's writing was quite nice and some of the training sessions where new and delightful. I particularly enjoyed the food scenes. I would have liked to have more graphic detail on the electro-sex scenes. Not enough detail of the pain and humiliation for me.Recommended for BDSM folks we are just getting into slavery/capture themes. This is a mild one and good starter book. less
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It was a nice read, but I could not give it a 5* due to the ending (it was lacking).
Interestingly disturbing.Glad she gets her happy ending.
Just not my type of thing - 1.5 stars
what was i thinking???
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