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If You Leave (2013)

by Courtney Cole(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 3
Beautifully Broken
review 1: Alright the deal with this one.. I'm not all the way done with this book yet, but I think I'm close enough to the end to write a review on it and how disappointed I am. I wanted to like it, I really did because both Maddy and Gabe have scary and relatable real life issues that I would normally sympathize with but I just couldn't bring myself to connect with either character. Furthermore, I found the whole plot dry and predictable. Maybe I just had high expectations from all the good reviews I saw on it prior to reading it. Not sure, I do know however I won't be reading any more books in the series.
review 2: this is a resounding 5 stars....the first in this series had a storyline with great potential....I felt it wasn't, however, as cohesive as it could have be
... moreen. this book put an amazing storyline together with writing I felt was exemplary and became an experience rather than just a read....the sensitivity and insight that was shown by this author on subjects that could've made this a less than enjoyable read was, instead, one that simply left you breathless....the talent that was unleashed with this book is nothing les than inspiring....there are books that are just fun.....there are books that are just gratuitous sex....then there are books that allow real experiences...real feelings....real life become the basis for a story that takes you to a place beyond real while still allowing you to latch onto the fact that real life can be so much Better.....and.....worse than total fantasy.....this book is a masterpiece of that concept! less
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4.5... I enjoyed Madison and Gabriel's story much more than Pax and Mila's. Full review to come.
loved it! likable characters, realistic problems, good story. I really like this author!
Decent beach read, with a few good twists, but overall I wasn't impressed.
hat mir besser gefallen als Band 1
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