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If You Stay (2013)

by Courtney Cole(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
Lakehouse Press
Beautifully Broken
review 1: This is your typical girl with trust issues and boy with mommy issues love story. I have read many books with the same plot. I read this book because I needed mundane, but what I got was anything but. I could never have imagined such a great story from any book! I connected with so many of the characters and I was so deeply touched, that I was brought to tears on more that one occasion. I have never before cried during a novel. Never. It is a novel just like any other, until you get about 2/3 of the way through, then Cole runs a freight train through your chest, and you love it. The twists this book takes makes it extraordinarily different from anything I have read before. LOVE NEVER FAILS!! I never believed that it was really possible to be that happy and in love. Courtne... morey Cole has convinced me, and now oblivion gives me different comforts.
review 2: I love a story with a strong female lead, a bad boy that's really not and a compelling story for them to tell. This one had all three. Pax is so lost and broken but he can't remember why. He turns to drugs and sex to fill a void. One night he takes the drugs a little too far and ends up in a desperate situation. Mila find him and saves his life. From that point on she infiltrates his life and he finds himself wanting to be good to deserve her. It is a path that holds heartache and pain, but anything in life worth having is hard work. I loved Mila because she was strong and not some mindless twit that let him trample her. She made him own his actions and be the man she deserves. This was a satisfying tale and I am glad I read it. less
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Not much suspense. A bit repetitive with cliche phrases. Everyone is beautiful.
Love the story of Pax & Mila here. Pax the haunted and Mila the savior.
Such an awesome story of trials and overcoming the impossible.
Pax is an asshole and this book absolutely sucked.
Dva a pul hvezdinky
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