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The Amber Amulet (2012)

by Craig Silvey(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
1742379982 (ISBN13: 9781742379982)
Allen & Unwin
review 1: I was not expecting this quirky children's story to be composed in a completely different genre to Craig Silvey's other recent novel Jasper Jones. However I enjoyed this novella. This could be a good text for year sevens to study as part of a unit on Heroes. The Amber Amulet is a sweet and touching tale that shines a spotlight on the imaginative powers of a child struggling to cope in a mundane world.
review 2: I absolutely loved Jasper Jones, so I think that this was my problem with this book - it just didn't live up to my expectations. This book is also visuallly spectacular but its beauty distracted from, rather than added to the story, I think. And with such a tiny story, distractions were really troublesome. I am reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
... more at the moment and it too has lots of visual additions to the story, but these really enforce particular plot and character points, rather than distract from them. Silvey does a great job in conveying so much with so little in the story, but for me, it wasn't quite enough. 2 stars! less
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Adorable short story about an insomniac boy's secret identity and his never-ending quest to do good.
Loved it! Everyone needs a Masked Avenger and a Joan. Want more Silvey!
A compact, touching and wry tale. Beautifully illustrated, too.
Loved it. Easy read but gorgeously written
A sweet little book.
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