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Rage Of Lions (2011)

by Curtis Jobling(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
0141333405 (ISBN13: 9780141333403)
review 1: Leopold is dead, but it's still under the command of the Catlords. The Wolfguard and council have been driven underground. Drew finally acepects his destiny. Oh Brenn watch over the fallen Werelords, and guide Drew and the rest of The Wolf followers to a new place, and protect them along the way. DOWN WITH THE CATLORDS!!!! LONG LIVE DREW THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO HIGHCLIFF THRONE, AND THE WOLF KING!!!! May he find new allies and werelords for his council.
review 2: Darker, grittier sequel to the great "Rise of the Wolf". Drew and his allies think that they have won the struggle against King Leopold, but the Lion has summoned his deadly allies from the South and soon the whole continent of Lyssia will be plunged into war. In the same time, the obnoxious Prince Lucas
... moreand his torturer Vankaskan had captured the lovely lady Grethen. The young wolf king decides to free her and goes to another dangerous journey. Although not as magical as book one, "Rage of Lions" is an excellent addition in the "Wereworld" series and does to "Rise of the Wolf" what "The Empires Strikes Back" did to "Star Wars", bringing real darkness and tension to the story. The ending is really chilling. less
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the sequel to wereworld rise of the wolf, with twists and turns everywhere
I love wereworld so much, this was a great addition to the series!
its a nice story
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