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A Rich Man's Baby (2008)

by Daaimah S. Poole(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 2
0758220626 (ISBN13: 9780758220622)
review 1: First I have to say the book overall was good. It started good, lulled in the last 3/4, and then fizzled out at the end. I had to stare at my Ipod in disbelief of the horrendous ending. It left me asking myself, "Did I just invest over 7 1/2 hours for this"? The characters were funny albeit "ridiculous". Tanisha and Adrienne's antics were well beyond stupid and juvenile. Listening to the audio I kept asking myself, now which one is in their 20's and which one is in their 30's? Both women were just above teen-like. The story did hold my interest. It had everything, a psychotic ex, gold digging women, trashy sluts, groupies, NBA and NFL players and more. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a roller coaster of fun.
review 2: You know, there are some of u
... mores who have done this and succeeded, but then there are some who have and don't and with these two ladies, I just cannot understand. One is a Registered Nurse mind you. The other heads a department at the same hospital, yet they felt inclined to do this. And oh boy, the lengths they had to go through to get the dough. Makes you wonder if the trip to getting it is really worth it. The book ended up unevenly and with many questions which leads me to believe that a sequel is in order here. Yep, I do believe. less
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I must agree with others good book but the ending is like WTF!! Hope there will b a part two.
Cannot wait until i get the second book. This is a book that keeps you wanting to know!!
Daaimah always puts out a banger ****
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