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Arctic Summer (2014)

by Damon Galgut(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
0857897187 (ISBN13: 9780857897183)
Atlantic Books
review 1: Well, I concluded that ARCTIC SUMMER is a great book that nevertheless only engages me part-time (I read the first 160 pages). It feels a little repetitive to me, but I can see that Galgut has almost twinned with Forster, and takes on his style of writing and even his personality. The problem with me is that I get weary of his personality. Thus, the mea culpa. I mainly perceive that it is a matter of preference. I want to read something right now that I relate to more. I don't have to relate in profession or background, but I need the main character to have a personality. So, anyway, on to next pick!
review 2: I received an ARC of Arctic Summer by author Damon Galgut compliments of Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway and appreciated the opportunity. The fictional rec
... moreonstruction of parts of the life of E.M. Forster. Having never read any of Forster's novels and not having had any previous knowledge of his biography, I was intrigued, yet saddened by the morose details of these chapters in his life. E.M. Foster contributed to the literary world with several famous writings, yet it would seem that he was never able to find contentment or personal happiness and was plagued by despair and suffering. The author shares Forster's life's tragedies in a poetic fashion with beautiful prose. Galgut's writing is rich with the emotions that are created within relationships between humans and their surroundings. There is deep melancholy, the loss of self-identity, a inability for Forster to truly be the man he wanted to be, to find the everlasting, loving relationship that he yearned. Although I enjoyed the book, at times, the constant grief and sorrow became monotonous and a challenge to trudge through. Forster's ongoing secrecy of his homosexuality was akin to the negative stigma that still exists in our present age. If only he could have lived his life being who he truly was, what a different story this would have been. I rate this book at 3.5 stars and recommend to any readers who have an interest in learning more about Forster and his life tragedies. less
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EM Forster biog. Light. With a strange leap forward in time at the end. Not bad.
I recommend this book.
gently sad
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