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La Storia Di Mina (2011)

by David Almond(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
8862563116 (ISBN13: 9788862563116)
review 1: Do you like the night? This nonfiction book is about a girl named Mina who loves the night. She loves the night because anything is possible at night. I like the night because the world is asleep and nobody can tell you what to do. At night Mina sees bats, cats, and owls. This book is about a little girl named Mina who loves the night. She likes the night because anything you do at night is possible. The night is a perfect time to do whatever you want and anything you want. Mina feels that there are creatures in her at night so that's why she says that she sees shadows. Mina starts to write in a journal and keep track of what she sees every night. I like this book because I could really connect to it because I like the night to. I was surprised when she said that she ... morecould feel creatures in her and I kind of thought that that was weird. Me and Mina have a lot in common because I also like the night. In the book Nina says that she found a "portal" but it really is just a tunnel. Mina and I have the same imagination. Mina says in the book " I like to watch my pee in the toilet" I thought that was weird. My favorite part in this book was one Minas said she likes the night because I really love the night. I also like when Mina said she doesn't go to school which I thought was me because doesn't everybody go to school. I was mad when the author didn't have Mina in school because education is important nowadays. In conclusion I really like this book because I can connect let me know and we're similar I would rate this book of five because Mina doesn't go to school which she needs to and it's kind of sad because she her dad isn't with them anymore. I would recommend this book to little kids because this book is for little kids And I didn't really find it that interesting.
review 2: Typically I avoid novels that fall under magical realism or contemporary, I find many of them to be a tad bit dull and all meshed together. My Name Is Mina is one of those books I found on the library shelf and was king of like, "hey, this looks interesting." I had yet to read a novel based in a journal format and after reading the first page I was intrigued by Mina and her world. My Name Is Mind is about nine year old Mina, a girl who is a misfit and school. It revolves around her dreams, struggles, and life. You see a girl who has been outcasted by her peers and lost her father. This novel strongly revolves around thoughts and feelings rather than actions and dialogue. We still get to see some exchanges between characters, but significantly less than if this book were written like most. I'll start with the outside of the book. The edition of the book I read had a simplistic cover with a white background a gold feather centered and shiny gold font. Really the cover was beautiful, it was not too much but not too little and it really captured the essence of the book in my opinion. Now onto the characters. Mina is an interesting protaganist. Her outlook on the world was pessimistic, but at times very beautiful. She is a girl that gets lost into fantasies and experiences life through writing. My only note about her is that she is an unreliable narrator, and she admits that towards the end. Some portions of the story she exaggerates and she believes it is for the sake of a good story, which I suppose as a writer myself I can see where she's coming from. There weren't too many notable supporting characters really, the only one that has much page time is Mina's mother, who was probably my favorite character within this story. Mina's mother is a good mom, she doesn't judge her child and is willing to do just about anything for her. She still pushes her daughter at times, so she doesn't let Mina simply sit about at home. There were some questions I had about Mina's mom that you don't really get any answers to, but they weren't big enough to effect my view on the story.As for the writing, it was beautiful. The imagery was fabulous and I often found myself seeing what Mina was describing. Now, it definitely was far outside of the league of a nine year old's capability if you ask me, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't read much else of Almond's work, so I don't know how much it ties into Skellig, but I intend to put Skellig on my to-read list so I can see where Mina and Michael go after reading about Mina's tale, I'm ready to see where her story goes after this installment. less
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I thought this book is very inspiring and cool. I loved it.
It was very deep which I enjoyed
Loved how it was written.
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