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Pislik (2013)

by David Vann(Favorite Author)
3.04 of 5 Votes: 1
Can Yayınları
review 1: Having read Caribou, and really enjoying David Vann's writing, I was on the look-out for other books by him. This book, was certainly not a good example. Matter of fact, had I read this book first, I definitely wouldn't have sought out anything else by him. I felt like I needed a shower after reading this. Dysfunctional families can be an enjoyable and emotional read, but the overt sexual connotations, and acts themselves, made ME feel "dirty".
review 2: Dumb. Awful. I do not know why I took the time to finish this book. Sometimes you have hope that a book will get better. I knew this one wouldn't. Anyway, I dislike badmouthing a book, but this one lacked anything real. Every sentence felt like a repeat of something aforementioned. The plot could have been fulf
... moreilled in 50 pages or less. Honestly, I saw reviews that this book was "depressing," and purchased it because I was in a bad mood and wanted something to match it. (A sort of self-medication that often works.) But this book was the other type of depressing; the type that is more pathetic and less emotionally heavy. It was full of descriptions; so many metaphors and similes grasping at everything dark and brooding yet achieving nothing. less
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I liked this book, however it is pretty brutal and not for everyone. Out of control violence.
Twisted little book, ending was not fulfilling
Deeply disturbing yet also beautiful....
SF Chron best of 2012
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