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Goat Mountain (2013)

by David Vann(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 4
006212109X (ISBN13: 9780062121097)
review 1: I really struggled to finish this book. The premise was great and the story should have been gripping, but instead I found it dull and repetitive - if I had to read about the poison oak welts one more time I would have thrown the book across the room - and the constant sentence fragments drove me crazy. I also couldn't connect with the narrator character on any level and didn't understand his motivations - indeed, he didn't seem to have any. The book did pick up towards the end, but by that point it was too late for me. I expected good things from this book, but unfortunately it was a disappointing read.
review 2: I didn't find this book as deep as I throught it would be, but I enjoyed it still. I initially thought it would be an insight into the mind of a soci
... moreopath, but now, after reading it, I can say it's a book about what not to do in front of your children, how not to raise them, what not to allow them to do and be. It shows that not all of us are able to distinguish animal from human when it comes to prey, especially if one is young and just learning the ways of life. It shows how our brains are designed to analyze and explain things in ways that make sense to us and absolve us of guilt and wrongdoing. The way I see it, how can you blame a child for being a cruel killer, when you are one yourself and that is where he learned it from? As a plus, if i wouldn't have been against hunting and "playing" with guns already, I would have, after reding this. less
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Interesting story, but the clipped style took me out of my reading flow.
Dark Majesty... a beautiful tragedy.
BJ 14; #1215
Not for me.
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