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Rare Earth (2012)

by Davis Bunn(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
076420906X (ISBN13: 9780764209062)
Bethany House Publishers
Marc Royce
review 1: Davis Bunn has done it again. This sequel to Lion of Babylon is full of intrigue and kept me going until the last page. And I'm hoping there will be a sequel! Marc Royce is once again on an adventure full of mystery and danger. He is faced with trying to find the missing brother of a nurse in the midst of African devastation. The images of life for the villages and refugees in Africa is heartbreaking, but the power of God in the midst of His followers is awesome. I never quite knew who Marc should trust in this adventure, but he always got it right. Making the best of friends everywhere he went, but also making some pretty dangerous enemies. You'll not be disappointed with this book. I would recommend you read Book 1 first. Even though the story can be a stand alone, I lov... moree to know the background that the first book has already laid out.
review 2: Rare EarthBy: Davis BunnRare Earth is an adventurous page turner revealing what happens when once-obscure minerals are discovered in Africa. How far will the Chinese go to retain the monopoly on these rare earths? Marc Royce finds out—all the way. What does it mean to be a hero? For most, it is to be called a great man. For Marc Royce, it is the true meaning—sacrifice. He is brought in as an accountant to audit a relief organization in Africa at a Kenyan refugee camp. Serge Korban is a medical technician who has been kidnapped and is presumed dead. Kitra Korban is his sister and is a nurse. They were working together in Africa at this refugee camp when he was abducted. A conversation in the beginning between Royce and Kitra set up the novel, “Think about it. I have been inserted into a critical situation. After an investigation that has stretched across three continents. No matter how much you love your brother, even you have to accept that more is at stake than one man’s disappearance.” Once I read this sentence, I was hooked on the book and wanted to see what was going on. A volcano could erupt at any time. Who can Royce trust to figure out what is going and why and who is involved? Lodestone employees, camp officials, church elders, UN officials, who can be trusted? Royce must find out in order to put his plan into motion to save the refugees, their villages, and protect the rare earths from getting into the wrong hands. And all has to be accomplished before the clock stops ticking. After reading this book, I will be looking for more Davis Bunn books! If you enjoy a heart-stopping thriller with page turning action, you will love this book! The descriptions of the scene in the hotel room where Royce is hiding from his attackers, the story of the baobab tree, and the final phase of going after the enemy, are a priceless piece to the story and are a pleasure to see happening as I read the book. I received this book free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. less
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Enjoyed the story, plot, and the action. I never really bought the love story angle though.
Kind of unique plot and fun to hear this one again on the audio version.
Loved the story...
Very well done
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