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To Love A Witch (2011)

by Debora Geary(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
Fireweed Publishing
review 1: To Love a Witch is a short story about Jake, a kind of a witch social worker who finds young witches in bad situations, and Romy, an untrained witch he finds about ten years too late. Still, Jake tries to help her come to terms with her magic with the help of a few friends.This story features an older Italian witch who makes amazing food, a cute kid witch with the power to see bits of the future, and a band of merry delinquents. There's a fire. There's a flying motorcycle. Don't forget the boundary pushing psychic mother. And then exactly what you thought was going to happen happens.I'm gonna wrap this review up because it's almost as long as this story was. But I don't want you to think that I didn't like it. I did. It was a quick read. The author handles light humor with... more a light touch. I'd probably read another of her books in the future, which is probably the point of this one. Ultimately, I had an hour to kill and I read this book to fill the time. Mission accomplished.
review 2: I stumbled on Debora's To Love A Witch late one night when I couldn't sleep and gave it a try - for 99 cents it wasn't a big investment. And it was just what I wanted. A cute, short and easy read that sent me off into dreamland with appropriate thoughts of a hot,gallant hero I could love and a heroine I could identify with. It's hard to find sweet romances that also embrace the paranormal element for some reason but I love them. I'd much rather my uber-alpha hero had magical powers rather than one who has to suck my blood. I've since picked up the first of her `A Modern Witch Series' and she again delivered a wonderful story. These aren't for readers who are looking for a Laurel K Hamilton or JR Ward type paranormal read, but if you are looking for something light and entertaining, I would suggest you take a chance on Debora's books. less
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I enjoyed this story. I would love to see more stories about the Witch Sentinel program.
Love Deborah's writing! So easy and flowing. Cute short story but with lots into it.
This was a cute, short little read. Extra fluffy little romance story. Cute.
Cute little "novel nibble." Very short, very cute and fun.
Feel like the characters are friends and family!
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