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Quiet Book (2010)

by Deborah Underwood(Favorite Author)
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HM Juv Cloth
review 1: THE QUIET BOOKReview==============As I have stated in other reviews, I tend to avoid books that anthropomorphize animals. While this book contains impressively artistic and detailed illustrations, the colors are dark, and the story is beyond repetitive. For most little ones, I think they will grow bored rather quickly. And, in the end, what is the point of the book? Sure, you might be able to convince/teach kids that there are different "types of quiet," but the nuanced differences, at least as many as are outlined in the book, make any such understanding too complex to be useful for instruction, learning, etc...
review 2: 'The Quiet Book' is a children's picture book that depicts different types of being quiet and when they happen. There are no sentences in th
... moree book, only brief descriptions of the type of "quiet" being described on the page. Each page has color illustrations of various animals acting out the type of quiet being mentioned. Some of the illustrations are full page while others are only part of the page. The pictures are colorful and fun with great lines and shading - perhaps done by color pencil. The book itself has a padded cover on it with thick board book pages and rounded corners, all of which make it safe for young readers. The pictures will captivate the attention of young readers of all ages - especially those too small to read on their own. The easy to read text is perfect for children learning to read or for those being read to. A great book that illustrates the importance of being quiet along with the different varieties of quiet coupled with beautiful illustrations!Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. less
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I thought this was the sweetest, most adorable book I've read in a very long time.
Manchmal kommt es auf die Stille an.
Hilarious and great illustrations.
I love quiet time
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