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Four Sworn (2010)

by Delilah Devlin(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
1609282132 (ISBN13: 9781609282134)
Samhain Publishing
Lone Star Lovers
review 1: 2.5-3 starsWell this is my least favorite in this series so far...the first two drew me in, enthralled me with their stories, their commitment, their feelings and turmoil....this story however felt a little hollow and shallow, wasn't a fan of the main characters, and even though I know they have their own book next in this series, it felt as though the Kenzie boys outshone the leads...personally I see this more as an introduction to the Kenzie men and what they're going to bring to their own book...looking forward to reading it ;)
review 2: I've read most of the other Lone Star Lovers books and so far this is my favorite. I loved the love story in this piece. Shanna had her reasons for keeping Bo at bay, but the poor guy, I just wanted to hug him up tight.;) De
... morevlin has found a way to mingle BDSM erotica with a touching love story and deliver a deep message that really touched me. I'd absolutely recommend this series to everyone, but most importantly, don't miss this read! HOT!!! less
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It's short. It's dirty. It ended too soon. And now I'm in love with Ezra...Dayum!
Re-read: start 4/2/13Finished:4/2/13
Smoking hot!
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