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Forever A Lord (2012)

by Delilah Marvelle(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0373777310 (ISBN13: 9780373777310)
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The Rumor
review 1: Maybe 3-1/2. The thing that really held it back for me was that there was little to no tension between the hero and the heroine. They pretty much met and fell in love. The love story was sweet but not particularly "grand." Can't really tell you what "grand" is but I know it when I read it. The rest of the story was interesting. It was fun to read about the bare knuckle boxing of those days. One thing I didn't like was the simple fix of the heroine's life long health problems. The hero solved it in one go. It would have been more interesting to me if they'd had to work around her health and still lived happily ever after. Also the hero was 21 years older than the heroine but this was never mentioned at all. I know this was not uncommon in historical times but come... more on someone had to at least think about it. The hero could just as well have been written as 30 instead of 40 and it wouldn't have changed the story one iota but it wouldn't have left me wondering about why the age difference wasn't a bigger deal to someone.
review 2: I think this last installment in The Rumor Trilogy is the best of the three, although I really enjoyed the first a lot as well. Imogene and Nathaniel make a good - albeit unorthodox team. Nathaniel, kidnapped as a child in NYC, learns he is a lord as an adult and is not taking to it too well. While in London, he is going for the title of the best prize fighter in England. He trains for while romancing Imogene. A quick read with a touch of trendy bondage thrown in to please the latest romance craze. I enjoyed it, but not the most unforgettable romance. less
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Really really sweet! I like the dialogues between characters in these series and the intimacy.
I loved it! !!! I can't. wait for her next series! !!! wow! !! What a Great book! !!!:)
It reminded me too much of Fifty Shades of Grey.
Just goes to show that anything is possible
Cute but paced too quickly.
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