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Forever A Lady (2012)

by Delilah Marvelle(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
0373776462 (ISBN13: 9780373776467)
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The Rumor
review 1: The best part of this book is that it's sent in a more unusual locale than the average historical book: 1830 New York. From the streets of the Five Points, to rich parlours, Ms. Marvelle brought history to life. The message from the author at the end of the book explains some of the research she did, and it absolutely paid off! I'd probably give this book a 4.5, but dropped it to a 4 because of the love scene towards the end of the book, not out of prudishness but because I didn't feel it fit the moment or the hero, and because I was also disappointed in an aspect of the resolution that affected the newspaper, which seemed contrary to the hero's hard work. But overall I loved this book and look forward to the next one!
review 2: This story was a little differen
... moret for me because we are in historical New York instead of historical England. It took a little bit for me to modify my known ideas because I’m so used to the London ballroom that finding myself in New York city threw me off just a little bit. In the long run this did not turn me off of this story at all and in fact I came to love the setting. Lady Bernadette is widow alone in New York suffering from a fractured reputation. Because of her reputation she’s being attacked so she seeks out protection from Matthew. While protecting her, these two from different walks of life find a love and attraction they just can’t fight. But Matthew doesn’t want Bernadette to feel that he only loves her for her money so works to prove that he is worthy of her. I loved this story of love, attraction, and life. There was so much between them besides their lust, there was a respect that was built while they developed their future. Good read and enjoyable new-to-me author. less
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Love the Irish! Enjoyed the audio very much. I wish a certain scene was not part of the story.
English Lady escapes gossip to New York, meets Irish Gang Leader
Definitely was worth the read
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