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The Dawn Patrol (2008)

by Don Winslow(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
0307266206 (ISBN13: 9780307266200)
Knopf Publishing Group
Boone Daniels
review 1: Another good read from Don Winslow! This one has a surfer/detective Boone Daniels dealing with the temptation of huge waves on the horizon, and a missing witness for the court. Along with his friends, Sunny Day, Hang Twelve, High Tide, Dave the Love God, Johnny Banzai, Cheerful, Red Eddie, and Petra (Pete) Hall, the action is fast, and the swells furious! I loved all the characters and their bios, and I really enjoyed all the surfing history and info. The whole time I was reading this, I just wanted to cruise down to the Sundowner for a burger and fries. Winslow has become a favorite of mine, and this story did not disappoint! Totally agro!
review 2: I devoured Don Winslow's Neal Carey series and when this one came up at the library I quickly snatched it
... moreup. It's clear that Winslow lives in San Diego; he drops street names, beach names, locations and venues, not to mention ways to get there, like that Obnoxious Guy you always get cornered by at a party. And, like that Guy, he's trying too hard to impress. I was also put off by the surf bum lingo, slangy and contrived (lived Insane Diego all my life and have never before heard some of these phrases). "Totally agro" (yeah, that irritating). The story line also seemed contrived and Winslow insisted on spelling every little nuance of deduction out for us (well, for me since I was the one reading it, but for you, too, if you decide to give it a try). The end-game of the investigation was not only distasteful (but when is crime ever tasteful?), but disturbing in a trying-to-grab-the-headlines way rather than a discussion-provoking way. His characters are interesting enough, the back stories well-filled. But, for me, it wasn't nearly as clever or amusing as Winslow's Neal Carey series, a guilty summer read which I enjoyed immensely. less
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Loved this book and can't wait to read the next one. Fun, rounded characters and a great plot.
An awesome book it hits a perfect balance between power of the dog and savages
Fantastic. I can't believe I'd never heard of this author.
Entretenido, no esperes nada fuera de lo normal.
Another classic Winslow
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