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Das Versprechen Der Wölfe (2008)

by Dorothy Hearst(Favorite Author)
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3596181585 (ISBN13: 9783596181582)
Fischer Verlag
Wolf Chronicles
review 1: Possible spoilers!Kaala is a young wolf, born illigally. The pack allows her to live, tough. Kaala's born with a strange mark on her chest, and apparently it's part of a prophecy. She'll either destroy or save wolf- and mankind. Kaala's getting stronger and dealing with her problems in the pack, until she one day meets a human child, and starts to be interested in humans. Her pack and the menacing Greatwolves who rule the valley are mad, but also see this as a possible chance to unite the wolves and the humans. Will Kaala manage to find peace with the humans before the Stone Peak pack exterminates all people? And what is it the Greatwolves are hiding?Overall very decently written book. When I heard the main character was part of a prophecy I was hesistant. It just might be... more one of those books where the main character becomes the great hero. But Kaala actually has struggles. She's a bit off a hothead, even to her friends, and she sometimes does stuff without thinking, which actually ends up getting her banished out of her pack in the end. Her friend Àzzuen is very wise and a bit shy, while Tlitoo is a very hyperactive and at times a tad obnoxious raven.The story is at one or two points a bit too slow paced and does suffer from a bit too much exposition, but it isn't anything major. You do have to make sure you are really paying attention while reading it, because the story actually is about an acient paradox where Kaala's part of. I didn't really get the paradox while reading it for the first time, but you can make the connections is you read it more carefully. Just make sure that you're reading it while paying close attention, at least when some of the legends are mentioned.The villians in this book come off as just a bit one-dimensional. The Stone Peek wolves are the villians, especially the scarred Torell. It is a shame that we have to wait for some decent development in the second book.But besides that a great read!
review 2: The two-star rating makes it look like I didn't enjoy it but it's true, I thought it was OK. The concept was interesting and the narration in the voice of the young wolf was nice but it didn't always hold my interest. There was some wonderful description and the action scenes were well-written and fast-paced. Sometimes, though, it tended to drag. I plan on reading the sequels to find out what happens in the Wide Valley but not for a while. less
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I really enjoyed the story and hope that my girls will enjoy it too.
Loved it
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