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Spirit Of The Wolves (2014)

by Dorothy Hearst(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 5
0857200704 (ISBN13: 9780857200709)
Simon & Schuster
Wolf Chronicles
review 1: This was one of my favorite series, and one I looked forward to sharing - until the very last pages of the book. I am almost speechless with disappointment, even anger, and can think of half a dozen different ways the author could have preserved the essence and intent of her ending without... Well, I'm sad to say that this will NOT be a series I can read with joy over and over again. I feel betrayed, though I'm sure more artistically sensitive folks will continue to rave about the courage it takes for a writer to do such a thing. I wish I could break my review stars into two - four stars for most of the book, negative-5 for the ending. A horrible way to end a great series.
review 2: What the.... buck... That ending? Didn't see that one comin'. Spoilers ahe
... moread!In this last book of the Wolf Chronicles triology, Kaala and her packmates flee from the Wide Valley and try to make peace with the humans in the big village of Kaar. DavRian, who is still malicious and in love with Tali, goes to every extent possible to block their plans. Kaala finds out that the Greatwolves had been lying to her again, and comes to a thrilling conclusion: it isn't wolves who are supposed to be with humans, but the Streckwolves (dog ancestors). This book is in general written as well as the other books. Flawed, but a total guilty pleasure to me.The characters are well-developed, at least the major ones. I really like how Kaala went from a total hotheaded pup to a young-adult leader who accepts fate as it is and is patient enough to make the right decisions. The other characters get their basic development as well, but since the story is told from Kaala's perspective, we see it through her eyes, of course.The pacing improved, altough the climax was a bit short, but really good nonetheless.One of the small problems I have with this book is that some characters are just "there" and don't really serve much purpose. Heck, Hearst seems to realize that, because sometimes they go off on their own for a while until they are relevant to the plot again. That was a bit of a downer.The conclusion of that Promise that has been built up since the first book was stunning. From book one it was Kaala trying to find a way for wolves to live with humans, which, in the end, turns out to be in total vain, since the Streckwolves are supposed to be with them. And that ending... yeah, let's talk about that. I totally didn't see that coming. You're either going to love or hate it, I love it, but man, that came like out of nowhere. No way I'm going to spoil it less
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I've read the book series before and it's amazing. When does the book come out?
I'm reading the first two books first. Unless too much time goes by.
When is Spirit of the Wolves coming out?
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