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Geheimen Van De Wolven (2012)

by Dorothy Hearst(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 2
9024528518 (ISBN13: 9789024528516)
Wolf Chronicles
review 1: I can't believe I didn't read this sooner. And now I'm stuck without the next one - and on such an ending too! Can't wait until I get my hands on it. As always Hearst had such a beautiful way of delving into the lives of wolves, of describing their world, ways and culture in such a believable and authentic manner. I am forever fascinated with the customs and interactions of the wolves she writes so well about.
review 2: Possible spoilers:The journey of Kaala, Àzzuen, Marra and Tlitoo continues in this second book of the Wolf Chronicles. Kaala now has to make sure that the wolves and humans in the valley live in peace for a year, otherwise the devious Greatwolves will kill them all. But as Kaala continues on her quest for peace, she starts to find out more and
... moremore mysterious things about the Greatwolves and the paradox. Will she manage to keep peace between the human tribe and the wolves, to prevent them from all going extinct? Probably my favourite book until now,ever. Yes, there are some dumb parts. There is a bit of a overdose of exposition dialogue and at some points the story drags a bit, but I'm just blind to it I guess. There's a few pretty unexpected twists, and unlike for example the Warriors series, also a fantasy series about animals, where each books ends with both a conclusion and a bit off a cliffhanger (sometimes only conclusion), these books just always seem to end with a cliffhangenr. Man! I loved the climax of this. Kaala gets stabbed a few times and then she's thrown in a pit by the humans... that's it. It ends. I also like that the characters are grey, not black/white, if you know what I mean. There is no "they are all evil, they are all good". Most characters are pretty well developed, and some of the characters we've learned to care for in the first book either die or show their true colors, while the main antagonists of the first book start to form a bond with our main pups, which I thought was pretty risky, but really liked in the end. I really hated how Torell and his pack seemed like the most cliche and underdeveloped bad guys in the first book. They where huge, savage wolves with many scars and couldn't be reasoned with... sounds like bland bad guys. But here there is actually a very justified explaination given for this behaviour. Heck, they are even willing to reason with Kaala, once he finds out that her plan might just work. He's actually a character who's giving in instead of being constantly headstrong.. kinda. He's still a bit jerky, but a justified and likeable jerk.The characters are pretty nice in this as well. I like how Kaala is actually learning lessons and willing to adapt. And she's still a bit of a hothead. I just like that trait. I guess the only thing that dissapoints me of this book is how obvious the love interest is. Unless the third book totally blows me away by giving Kaala a different mate, the first two books kept constantly, and not subtle in any way, making Pell seem like the love interest. He's just... ieww to me. Just a boring character who tries to get our main characters attention. Let's hope Kaala doesn't fall for it in the last book, she deserves better.Not flawless, but still my favourite book ever! Can't wait for the last one! less
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Ireally enjoyed this book. I love a good book from an animal perspective and this was an awsome one.
Awesome sequel to Promise of the Wolves! Really can't wait for the third book to come out!
I really can't wait to get the 3rd book!!!
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