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Secrets Of The Wolves (2011)

by Dorothy Hearst(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 5
1416570004 (ISBN13: 9781416570004)
Simon & Schuster
Wolf Chronicles
review 1: Secrets of the Wolves left off where the last book ended. Kaala is till trying to unite the humans with the wolves and the Great Wolves are still trying to thwart her. This time though, there are many secrets the Great Wolves have hidden and its up to to Kaala to find them and keep the humans and wolves from warring with each other and destroying all that is in the Wide Valley.Kaala and her pack are back and really not much has changed. Kaala is still regarded as Drelshik (unlucky) and is shunned by some wolves but loved by others (Azzuen, Marra, Pell) and of course the humans NiaLi and TaLi. This time the Great Wolves have given Kaala and her group a challenge: Make the humans accept the youngwolves into their homes by 3 moons past or else all the wolves in the wide valle... morey will die by Great Wolf teeth and claws and everything will go back to the way it was, with wolves ignoring humans and humans ignoring wolves. In the beginning it looks like Kaala and gang will succeed and I was so happy for them, until we learn that Malsindra, a great wolf will do anything to make sure they fail, even if it means driving the prey off! I was so discouraged because they were doing so well, wolf and human were hunting together and taking down big game, even sitting side by side at fires. Then we learn a great thing that Kaala and Tlitoo the raven can do and it got very interesting, and helps Kaala along her way to finding out the secrets the great wolves harbor. The ending though sets up very well for the third book and it had me reeling! I want to know what happens so badly! If you enjoy books told through the eyes of animals or mythical creatures then I believe this novel and the one before it will capture your attention and heart.
review 2: I liked this book a little less than the previous one, but it was still good. The reason I liked it less is a cumulation of little things, not because of anything big. I always get a little annoyed when characters keep secrets and then blame another character later on for not blindly obeying them and thereby ruining the secret-keeper's plans. There was quite a bit of that going on, particularly on the part of the Greatwolves. Also, I didn't like Kaala's submissiveness towards the humans. The humans themselves were mostly disgusting as well (except the wolves' humans of course). And the last thing is a bit more subtle, I felt a bit impatient at times, having to wait for how the story unfolds. No, I guess that's not really it, it is that the story sometimes felt as if it was all about finding the answers to mysteries. I was impatient because the in between stuff felt a bit as filling and not as an integral part of the story somehow. This sounds as if I didn't like a whole lot about the book, but that isn't true. As I said, these were small things, and there are lof of things I liked. I liked the stone peak pack in this book. I like the way the ravens call the Greatwolves Gripewolves or Grumpwolves. The way they talk is a brilliant find! I liked Marra better in this book. Overall, a good in between book, and I hope the next one brings a satisfying conclusion to this series. less
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I thought this book was really good, but it had such a tragic ending. :(
can't wait for the third one!
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