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Ghostopolis (2010)

by Doug TenNapel(Favorite Author)
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0545210283 (ISBN13: 9780545210287)
review 1: I read the book ghostopolis. This book is by Doug TenNapel. This book is about a guy who works for a ghost place in a littlw city. He is chasing this ghost horse and his ribs get stuck around a little boy andd he gets trapped in a "ghost world" and this new leader Of the ghost wurld is chasing him trying to trap him and kill him even tho this boy is sick so he doesn't have long and they chase after him and they get him by steikin a litenin bug but. My favoeite oart is when a ghost gurl slaps the guy looking for thelittke boy in the face
review 2: Garth Halle is almost dead with his incurable disease and then he goes into the afterlife, the only one problem is that he is still alive. This book possess very interesting and fascinating characters, setting, plot, t
... morehemes, and conflicts which are superlative in comparison to many other books. At the same time this book is fairly easy to read. This book is as great for older audience ,as it is for younger audience less
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Cardboard is a magical reading experience; Ghostopolis is a good one.
Enjoyable graphic novel full of interesting ideas.
I loved it it's a good book
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