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Path Of Destruction (2000)

by E. Lee(Favorite Author)
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Broken Heartland
review 1: The second book in the series started out so heartbreaking, started out right from when book one ended. The book continued with the alternating POV's, which I love because we get to get inside the mind of all the characters. I really enjoyed the continuation of the four adolescents stories, but this book was a little bit lacking and not as good as book one. I wanted a bit more movement in the story and some of the actions the characters took drove me crazy. This one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as well and I look forward to book three. 4 out of 5 stars
review 2: Path of Destruction, Broken Heartland 2, by E.Lee and C.Quinn5 Stars****DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ STORM WARNING, Book 1!!!****So this is the second book in the series do not read this one unt
... moreil you've read Storm Warning, you will be mad bc I've spoiled something! PoD picks up right where SW left off. There is a group of 5 kids that are all intertwined even if they all aren't aware of it yet. There's a huge tornado on the ground and everyone is separated and trying to get to safety. Unfortunately, one doesn't make it. And it hurts us, the reader, and it devastates the teens and their lives. Path of Destruction is about loss, how different people grieve, and regaining trust. "She would exist, living, breathing, speaking, in a world that he was no longer a part of."EJ, Coop, Cami, and Hayden all have lost something or someone due to the storm. Friends, loved ones, homes, schools, their comfort zone, and in a way, a certain type of innocence about life. We all have experienced a new normal, after 9/11, after hurricanes, and yes tornadoes, we all live a new normal. That's not so easy for teenagers to do. As much as they like change, too much change can be detrimental. Coop and Hayden are very protective over what they see as "theirs" and with Hopes Grove High School having to move classes to Summit Falls - what one might think is his, another might also claim. So the hallways at school will be home to some of the more interesting moments of these teenagers lives. Be ready! "I will show you exactly how we handle shit where I come from."EJ and Cami find their own ways to cope with all the changes. Could they have found better ways, yes, but what teenage girl thinks hmmmm.... Maybe I shouldn't be doing this, when trying just to survive life. "Some things you can't save. Do you get that? Some of us are lost causes that you would be better giving up on."The four continue to weave their circle tighter and tighter. Secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. Scars begin to fade but are always there as reminders of what was lost and left unsaid. "Why do you meet me here every month?"....."Because you need me."These teens have a lot to be thankful for and they'll realize it. They have done some growing up and I'm so sure we will see more growing as the series continues. A couple of them have grown leaps and bounds while others still have more to do. I'm not going to claim #teamanyone because through out the book I wanted to shake one of them silly, I wanted to scream at one of them to stop self destructing, for one to grow a set, and I did have to pat one on the back. You read and find out which was which and see if you feel the same way. "Death should remind us that life is short."With E. Lee and C. Quinn you feel the hurt and pain. You feel the happiness and love. In PoD you feel all of these but more so you feel the loss of a character. I never expected to feel his loss so profusely but you do. You know he was the one that made three of the four want to be a better person. I can't wait until Taking Shelter to see what these fantastic two authors throw at us next! less
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Please tell me I won't have to wait as long for book 3......you're killing me smalls!!!!!
Yaaaaay!!! I was getting worried that another book wasn't coming out. Cannot wait!:)
Loved it! Can't wait for Taking Shelter. I ship "camper";)
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