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Nette Aussichten (2009)

by Edward St. Aubyn(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
3442737958 (ISBN13: 9783442737956)
The Patrick Melrose Novels
review 1: Still padding my totals with these short novels. but I thought this volume was terrific. The whole novel is about a fancy party with Princess Margarett in attendance- who is invited, who is going with who, who talks to margarett, who is screwing who. Its a withering view of English aristos written by an obvious insider. I have not read them, but I doubt Osacar Wilde or evelyn Waugh could do it better. Patrick is now 8 years older than the last book. He is still unbelievably arch, but he is getting less cold and more vulnerable and even has a touching human conversation with his best friend.
review 2: Melrose turns his novel-length searing criticism from drug addiction to mega-high end social fetes, which is much more my speed. Princess Margaret is there,
... moreand all the characters from the previous two novels, especially the horrid lunch party in "never mind." (bridget the stoner, now the hostess; anne the outsider and only sane one; Nicholas, the simpering fan of David Melrose, etc.) Because nobody was being raped and nobody was vomiting horrifically, I could pay attention to how many perfect sentences st. Aubyn writes. Also love that he changes perspective from paragraph to paragraph, without a line of space between. Makes everyone's thoughts bleed together a little. "wasn't there a single German word meaning 'shimmering of hope'? There was probably a single German word meaning, 'regeneration through punctuality, shimmering of hope, and taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.' If only he knew what it was." (pondering buying a watch in the attic to which he escapes the party.) less
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A little bit easier to read than the earlier two. I get the feeling this was to have been a trilogy.
The third of the novels was a much easier and lighter read. I love his dry wit and sarcasm
Excellence again from St.Aubyn
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