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Beautiful Bad Man (2000)

by Ellen O'Connell(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 6
Sutton Family
review 1: This book changed my concept of Western historicals or Western romance novels. I like history, I enjoy some historical romances but I just never thought I would be interested in a western historical romance. I am not sure what I had in mind, but Beautiful Bad Man changed my mind. Beautiful Bad Man was the first book I read by Ellen O’Connell and remains one of my favorites. It begins with two children, one who needs the help of the other – desperately. After given, that help is never forgotten by either child. Years later, the world has changed them both but the meet and this time the situations are reversed. What I loved about this story was that the story was so impeccably developed that I truly knew each character by the end of the story. The set-up is simpl... moree — widow is alone and is targeted by town criminals who want her land and former gunslinger is alone and he wants to help her because he needs to belong some where and he wants home. Despite the simplicity, the story is so rich in detail, history and beauty. Readers who enjoy strong character development, descriptions of daily life and are looking for the Little House on the Prairie for adults -- this is that book. I cannot wait to read it again.
review 2: Beautiful Bad Man was my first Ellen O'Connell book and it won't be my last. She tackles some difficult subjects that may sideline the romance in some books, but not here. Norah Hawkins and Cal Sutton are believable, realistic characters with warts and history and hopes for the future, however simple. The dialogue feels real and Norah and Cal's relationship builds as their trust in each other is proven against great internal odds and seemingly overwhelming external challenges. What a lovely, romantic story. less
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Beautiful. Stunningly luscious and rich and...a wonderful story.
Boring. Uncompelling. Stopped halfway through.
These books make me smile.
4.5 Stars
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