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Rottweiler Rescue: A Dianne Brennan Mystery For Dog Lovers (2000)

by Ellen O'Connell(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 2
1450546102 (ISBN13: 9781450546102)
Diane Brennan mystery
review 1: Loved it. I was once on a Rottweiler email list with the author and have been wanting to read the book since she wrote it. Unfortunately it was not available in a format I could download at the time. It was worth the wait. I devoured this book in no time. I loved the dogs, mainly because they reminded so much of Rottie rescues that I've dealt with in my own life (the one currently staring and me, begging to be fed, could be the incarnation of Millie). I have to confess though, I did have to peek at the end to make sure that the dogs lived. I did try very hard not to look at the killer's identity, when I did peek though. :)
review 2: This was a story about a volunteer for a rottweiler rescue group who discovers that the potential new owner of a dog named
... more Robot has been murdered. Because the dog steps in the victim's blood, the main character, Dianne Brennan, fears that he'll be blamed for the poor man's death, and so she leaves the scene to hide the dog away before calling 9-1-1. The police exhibit the sort of breed prejudice that rottweiler owners often encounter, and Dianne is under suspicion for the crime. It's up to her to investigate leads within the show dog world that the police don't seem to consider, placing Dianne in greater and greater danger. Forget that Ms. O'Connell is an Indie author -- Rottweiler Rescue is a Good Read from start to finish. If you love mysteries and dogs, put this on your to-read list. less
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Great book. I learned a lot about dogs and the mystery part was really interesting.
This is a fun read! Being an animal lover, I really enjoyed this book!
A fun read for mystery and dog fans
I liked this book.
Enjoyed it.
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