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Ruth's First Christmas Tree (2012)

by Elly Griffiths(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: A free eBook on Kindle brought out to promote Dying Fall. A clear winner for fans but doesn't really tell a story just buffs out her wonderful characters.Elly Griffiths covers a lot of ground bringing the reader into Ruth's world but there is no real mystery or threat other than Norfolk's winter roads. it was good to be in these pages albeit briefly and reading filler rather than substance. It consolidates wonderfully what we know without really moving the story forward.I like the way Elly is so comfortable with her characters and how they fit so well together; love the turn of phrase and constant effort Ruth demonstrates to be more than a Mum and an Archeologist. It might not snow this Christmas but book 6 is due out in the New year!
review 2: When a good idea
... more goes nowhere. That was my first thought when I finished this very short story. Ruth is determined to give her young daughter Kate a traditional holiday, but things are not quite working out. The tree that she has picked out has disappeared with the vendor, her babysitter is suddenly unavailable, her to-do list is growing and nothing is quite falling into place.One of the things that I did like about this story was Cathbad’s reciting of traditional Christmas symbols and where their roots came from. Like all of Elly Griffiths’' books, there is a history lesson for anyone that is willing to take the time to digest what is being taught. The story ends on a bit of a dangler. A missing piece of wood, from the henge timbers, is missing from the museum display and Ruth stumbles upon it in a most unlikely place.I am not sure if this is a lead up to another book or just an idea that never materialize, but for a quick read and a Christmas feel, it is good. I just wish that it had gone somewhere. less
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A nice intro to the Ruth Galloway series, including a little bit of backstory
An excellent Novello, surrounding Ruth's first Christamas tree.
Ruth Galloway is wonderful even in small doses.
Sweet. Very short.
Short but enjoyable
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