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Move Me (2011)

by Emma Holly(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
0983540292 (ISBN13: 9780983540298)
review 1: "Move Me" was a really great read to me. I kind of wondered how her brother disappeared, I wish she would have went into more depth on that front, but maybe in her other books she explains a bit better. I was really surprised that Belle was so quick to have sex with someone she did not know, but Dubhghall seemed so sweet and sexy that hey if I was in her shoes I would be quick to give it up too lol. It was awesome that they both feel in love. I can not wait to read the entire Hidden series in order.
review 2: I didn't realize I hadnt rated this book yet. The sex in this book is hot as are all Emma's sex scenes. The world building was great but there was a whole section where Duvall went back to Farie that could have been expanded. I felt jipped not to get in on
... more that part of the story. The book was only 150 pages so it would have been doable. Love her happy ending though. If you like Faries this book is for you! less
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wahoo, erotica romance, just what the doctor ordered. Emma holly is the queen. a must read.
Short and funny - great when all the other books seem temporarily boring!
I really enjoyed this story. It was different and sweet.
Sweet, romantic story (with hot sex scenes - score!)
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