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Broadchurch: A Novel (2014)

by Erin Kelly(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
1250055504 (ISBN13: 9781250055507)
Minotaur Books
review 1: I really liked this one! I'm a fan of Broadchurch and am currently watching Gracepoint so I wanted to read this. As it's a novelisation of the program, I didn't expect any big surprises or twists but I wanted to see if there was any more depth or patina to the characters who populate this town. I'm happy to say, there was. I liked how this was written and truly felt I got an even closer look into the lives of the people. I've no idea where the second series of Broadchurch is going but if there's another novelization by Erin Kelly, I'll be reading it. Definitely recommended for fans of the series and for anyone interested in a good mystery (if you've never seen the series) set in a small town.
review 2: I watched Broadchurch on TV and decided to read this to get
... more some more insight, such as internal dialogue, thoughts, feelings and emotions. But I was disappointed. I understand that it must have been difficult for Erin Kelly to write a novel based on such a huge tv series, and the restrictions this would have highlighted. I didn't feel that I knew the characters any better than I had by watching the series. I enjoyed this on a plot level, but don't know how it would have read for people who hadn't seen the series. less
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LOOVED this book! It was like watching the TV show while reading. Highly recommend this book!
The TV series. Excellent fayre with Tennant, and Quirke as the caravan woman.
großartiger, britischer Krimi!!! Unbedingt lesen!
very quick read...was surprised at the outcome
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