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The Dark Rose (2012)

by Erin Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 2
0670023280 (ISBN13: 9780670023288)
Penguin Group USA, Inc
review 1: Erin Kelly has an amazing talent for creating memorable, believable characters. This is the third novel I have read of hers and somewhat harder to get hold of than the other two (The Poison Tree & The Burning Air - both fantastic! ). The lack of availability made me suspect that this book lacked some of her addictive spark and I was right. It's still a good read, with well developed characters and her ability to create a scene that drags you right inside with ease is still there, but the story bobs along the surface rather than dragging you right in. Enjoyable but not particularly gripping.
review 2: Excellent book, highly recommended, great characters and quite a few twists that i didn't see coming, you could feel the tension building to breaking point through
... moreout the book and you get to see what happened to make the characters how they were in the present which made you feel something for them and care what happened to them. The book goes back and forth in time revealing a bit more about them each and drawing you in. I think the Author was great at creating a dark atmosphere fraught with brooding teenage angst and showed how one second of your life or a stupid teenage act could change a whole persons life forever. There but for the grace of God.. less
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An easy read, but a great story throughout. Could relate to a fair bit of it too.
I think Erin Kelly writes beautifully. This book was tense and suspensful.
Couldn't get into it. Took it back to the library.
Two damaged and tragic characters. Compelling-
I don't know why I bothered finishing that.
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