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On Silver Wings (2000)

by Evan C. Currie(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 1
Hayden War Cycle
review 1: Rating: 5 out of 5 starsWhile there were some minor flaws this book was a lot of fun to read and I highly enjoyed it.This is a good science fiction novel with a great female character as the primary lead who fights hard and is well deserving of the respect she gets throughout the book.It was good to see a science fiction universe where women not only hold positions of power rather frequently but are also respected and treated like people. Not mystical unicorns from the heavens. There are women I service, women in charge, and women who are more or less just civilians or have other jobs. In all of these cases they are not looked at strangely for being there or treated differently from the men. It's especially refreshing to see that done by a male author. However while I love... mored that and it definitely influences my rating, the story itself is well done. It's exciting and action packed. Providing plenty of thrills for fans of science fiction and/or military sci fi.The superior technology of the aliens is mixed with unusual tactics and strategy. As one character put it, maybe they've just never dealt with this before. Either way it makes for some pretty interesting situations and scientific debate throughout the book.There are some minor editing issues where part of a sentence doesn't quite make sense or perhaps a word was left in when it should have been deleted, etc. I noticed it occasionally but it wasn't bad enough to stop me from enjoying the story and it didn't happen all that often. Also people tend to smirk a bit to much perhaps.. The science and scientific explanations can go a little overboard sometimes but I noticed this a lot less of at all I'm the latter half of the book. While I appreciate an author who takes the time to explain technical aspects of the story, some of the explanations got to be a little too in depth and definitely started to go over my head. That resulted in me skimming briefly through some paragraphs.The characters clearly know the subject or know enough of it that they don't need much of a basis or presentation. They can get right into the explanation. However, not all readers have that scientific background and might end up a tad lost in a few places. Still this was a very good book. I greatly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
review 2: A little bit of everything military sci-fi and all good. What stuck out for me was the blend between: 1) ground pounder grunt aspect (infantry on planet surface combat and vehicles, etc.), 2) inter-stellar ship-ship combat (jump points, space battles using various ship types, etc.) and 3) a race of alien enemy/enemies of which humans know nothing about at first (versus human vs. human conflict). Often, you catch a series which focuses on a specific type of combat (mostly space or mostly marine/infantry squad) but this series covers both equally while introducing alien adversaries. The transition between space battles to ground forces is done well in furtherance of the main story. less
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I am reading this now and the flow is good, and the story allows me to escape to a place never been.
Good decient fluff. Nothing extra special but enjoyed the booka dn read the whole series.
Very good sci-fi book got everything I love about space oprea
Took a bit to get going, but then was a fairly decent read.
Excellent military Sci-Fi.This is my second read.
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