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Beast (2013)

by Faye Kellerman(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
0062121774 (ISBN13: 9780062121776)
William Morrow
Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus
review 1: A bizarre case takes its toll on this Decker/Lazarus novel, setting the stage for the future of the series. A mufti-millionaire is found dead from blunt instrument trauma and a shot in the back. What makes the story weird is the fact that he kept a full-grown Bengal tiger in his apartment as a pet. And to add to his eccentricity, he rented two apartments on either side to house venomous snakes, deadly insects and dangerous fish, and previously, an apartment beneath the one he occupied for illegal purposes.As a subsidiary and much lesser side plot, the love affair between foster son Gabe and his 16-year-old would-be girlfriend Yasmine is provided for relief, even though he is forbidden contact with her. A long, drawn-out investigation takes its toll on Decker, as he nea... morers the 30-year mark, and he contemplates taking his pension and moving on.All the entries in the Decker/Lazarus series are interesting, well-written, and excellent reads. “The Beast” joins a long list of such worthies.
review 2: This book told me that Faye Kellerman is about to end the Peter Decker series - or at least move it to a more "Miss Marple-like" setting. I hope she makes it more Miss Marple-like and lets Rina step up as the primary character solving mysteries in a small town.But of course that's my speculation about the future - not a statement about this solid, enjoyable crime procedural. I thoroughly enjoyed it even recognizing that it isn't great literature. less
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Enjoyable read (or in my case, listen). Nice continuation of the series, no real surprises.
Fun, easy read. It does help to be reading the series in order though.
Good Faye Kellerman style. Just wonder where she gets her ideas!
Great book
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