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Changeless (2010)

by Gail Carriger(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 5
0316074144 (ISBN13: 9780316074148)
Parasol Protectorate
review 1: This was a wonderful second installment in the “Parasol Protectorate” series. Carriger continues to impress with her wonderfully well-developed cast of characters and fantastic world building.Since I read Carriger’s companion series, “Finishing School” previously, I was so excited to see cameos of some of those characters in this series as well. Genevieve is one of my favorite characters from “Finishing School”, and she is equally lovable in “Parasol Protectorate”. The diversity she brings to the cast is wonderful, without being overly emphasized as oftentimes happens with diverse characters, making her feel like a token.One of my other absolute favorite characters from “Finishing School” makes her mark on this book as well. Sidheag kicks ass and take... mores names, and to see her as an adult holding her own as Alpha of a werewolf pack was just awesome. There are so many strong women in Carriger’s books, and each has their own unique flair.In addition to some wonderful cameos, this second book in the series continues to build more upon the world in which Alexia lives, giving greater insight into supernatural/preternatural powers and history. The plot moved at a much quicker pace in this book than in the previous, which I appreciated. Some of the conclusions and villains revealed at the end were rather predictable, but the huge surprise at the end came out of nowhere, and I loved that many questions are left totally unanswered, leaving the reader to wonder.Really enjoying this series, and I can only hope the third book continues the trend. I would recommend this series to fans of paranormal, werewolves, vampires, historical fiction, and steampunk.
review 2: "Changeless" is an awesome book! Yes, that should be a complete review right there but I feel I'd neglect in telling about the incredible world Gail Carrier has built around Alexia Maccon nee Tarabotti, the Lady Woolsey. Changeless expands on the first book and continues to show us the worlds Alexia lives around. For once she is the new Alpha-Female of the Woolsey Pack, Her Majesty's Muhjah, Sleuth extraordinaire, and best friend to Ivy Hisselpenny. All of this while remaining the most proper of victorian ladies. Propriety must be maintained at all times, what would people say!We begin by seeing life for the Woosley's until the Earl suddenly leaves for B.U.R. in a hurry. Leaving Lady Woolsey deal with a complete Regiment now on her front lawn. Miss Ivy Hisselpenny arrives and informs Alexia that she is now Engaged. But Alexia is late, and preoccupied by the sudden departure of her husband. The fact that Alexia is now Muhjah and member of the Shadow Council is not known to Miss Hisselpenny and this leads to funny moments throughout the book. Upon arrival to the Shadow Council meeting Alexia discovers that London is afflicted with an epidemic of "Humanization". Obviously the Vampires are blaming the Soulsucker aka Alexia. She convinces them that she is not at fault and proposes it must be a new technological weapon. Which serves as the excuse for Alexia to start her investigative adventure. All of our favorite characters are back including the delectable Lord Akeldama scene stealing vampire who has the best quotes “I suppose, you know all about it, you high-powered political daffodil, you.” We also get french scientist Madame Lafoux. Who I wish and hope has a middle name with a Q. It would so fit. Madame Lafoux is the creator of the ultimate Parasol, approved by James Bond and Indiana Jones for its multiple secret weapons and defensive mechanisms. The other group of characters that are of note is the Kingair Pack of wolves that give us an insight into Lord Conall Maccon's past.Now were "Soulless" ended nice and tidy, "Changeless" leaves us in a tizzy with the Cliffhanger of all Cliffhangers! What will happen next? How could he? How could she? What will they do? Can't wait to read the third novel now. But alas rules do apply and one must read at least two novels to suffer the cliffhanger as it ought to. Who should read this book: All Parasol Protectorate fans, Steampunk lovers and Fantasy readers. All other should be reading it because its FUN! Yes, this one is better then the first. less
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Entertaining read, but not as good or as funny as the first book.
The series is improving, but still a bit heavy-handed.
4 stars.
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