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Batgirl, Vol. 4: Wanted (2014)

by Gail Simone(Favorite Author)
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140124629X (ISBN13: 9781401246297)
DC Comics
Batgirl Vol. IV
review 1: I am basically reviewing issues 19-34, plus Batgirl Annual #2 and Batgirl; Future's End #1. Since I subscribe I read by issue, I don't want until the trade comes out, although that seemed to work out here for Volume 4!I was really starting to get into this storyline. All the stuff that was going on in Barbara's family life and dating life were moving along nicely. I feel like Simone finally hit her stride. While the Ventriloquist was creepy, like other villains she didn't get her chance in the spotlight and I think that's because of the crossovers that aren't listed here (so not really Simone's fault). This is why the other day I mentioned the comic book black hole. You find that the series you're reading crossing into another series so you think you'll just buy that... more issue in that other series, but then what if that series is really good will you feel like you're missing something if you just jump in? Of course you will! So you start buying comics left and right and it's a neverending black hole.But the Knightfall storyline has been going on almost since the beginning, just before Death of the Family and it gets wrapped up rather nicely here before we switch over to the Veronica Mars edition of Batgirl. (but more on that at another time)I feel like there was still a lot more story to be told by Simone, but unfortunately, DC didn't see it that way. At least we got an ending.The #2 Annual was also great (I love Poison Ivy) but again, I knew I needed to pick up the New 52 Birds of Prey so that really set me back a bit.Future's End was ..... interesting.In the end I really did grow to love Simone's Batgirl and I wish she got to spend some more time delving into that character. I'm continuing on with Fletcher and Stewart's Batgirl so we'll see how that goes.
review 2: Wow I just love this series!! It gets better with every collection. The writing and art are both top notch. It is a shame that they are changing the creative team on this title soon. I am not looking foward to the new direction. The new Ventriloquist is just creepy, psychotic and awesomeness all rolled into one big ball of fun. The Knightfall character is very good as well. I like the addition and she works well as a major plot device and also as a background plot. I cant wait to see how Gail Simone wraps this all up. The art on the series is also awesome and sets the tone for the whole series. less
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Very emotional and intense stuff, plus the Ventriloquist stuff borders on horror. Dig it.
I didn't like this one of much because I didn't feel like the storyline was as good... :/
Ventriloquist was bad and there was so much drama but Ricky and Alysia were solid.
Average read. Started out decent then fell off towards end.
3.5 it had it's ups and downs i still liked it
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