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The Sworn (2011)

by Gail Z. Martin(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
1841499137 (ISBN13: 9781841499130)
Fallen Kings
review 1: Simply couldn't keep reading, I only got through the first 50 pages. The writing style really put me off, and I had no idea who anyone was, not to mention it was very hard to understand the characters as people because exactly what they felt of their personality was not really touched upon. It was just 'this person said this, this person did that'. I have no idea who they are or what they're like, is it so hard to flesh them out a bit first? I understand that this series is a follow on from another series, but I was lead to believe that it was still possible to start here. I don't think that's true. If you really want to read these books, start at the start, not here. Given my experience with this book though I have no inclination to do so.
review 2: The Winte
... morer Kingdoms face not only plague and famine, but invaders led by a dark spirit mage who uses blood magic. Tris Drayke, the Summoner king of Margolan, must find a way to stop them even if it means working with ancient beings known as the Dread. The coming battle may be the end of all things. The kings of the Winter Kingdoms become embroiled in the fight of their lives. “The Sworn” is the first book in “The Fallen King’s Cycle.” Anyone who’s read Gail’s previous works in “The Chronicles of the Necromancer,” will enjoy this offering filled with action and romance. I found the book hard to put down. less
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Another exciting series by Ms Martin! Good book
Loved the continuation of the Winter Kingdoms!
Loved it...
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