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No Passengers Beyond This Point (2011)

by Gennifer Choldenko(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
0803735340 (ISBN13: 9780803735347)
review 1: A creative story about three siblings that don't always get along. They are caught completely off guard when their mother tells them that they are losing their house and the kids will be sent to live with their uncle in Colorado- tomorrow! She will then meet them when her job at the school is finished for the year. They are very unhappy about this but get on the plane anyway. They land, but realize it is in some strange place where things don't make sense and they aren't sure they can get back home, wherever that may be. A very interesting story line and well written, I really enjoy Choldenko's writing.
review 2: Wow - what a unique spin on the power of love!I have to admit, at times throughout this book I was confused and unsure of where the story was heading.
... more While I enjoyed the three different voices, they occassionally seemed disjointed and it was difficult to determine the chronology of events. Having said that, I truly enjoyed the three different perspectives on the same events. These perspectives, in my opinion, were honest and realistic. Most teenage girls want very little to do with their families - friends are the be all! That is, until they need something, and it took India a while to realize just what she needed from her family, things that her friend was not capable of providing. Logical quiet Finn - how else would he react? This entire adventure was a puzzle that he needed to figure out in order to get his life back on an even keel. He may not always agree with India, but they certainly belonged together as a family! And Mouse - well how else would the baby of the family react? She needs to stick with the only constant she has left (Finn), but no way is she giving up on her fabulous sister India!I think this was a very creative way of showing how hard work, cooperation and determination can get you what you need out of life - if the intentions are good and you support one another! Thank you Choldenko, for writing a story about the power of love and the ties that bind a family. I may check this out of the library again for our family trip this summer - I think we all need to hear it! less
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It was interesting...until it's not.The last two chapters ruined it for me.
Certainly not in the ballpark with her past work.
I love how it changes points of views
Great book and a fun read
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