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Benny And Penny In Lights Out (2012)

by Geoffrey Hayes(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 2
1935179209 (ISBN13: 9781935179207)
Toon Books
review 1: We use these books as our daily read out loud selections occasionally. My 5 yr old son absolutely loves Benny and Penny and immediately begged for more as well as more Geoffrey Hayes as soon as he was finished. It reads like a comic book, with fun cartoonish pictures and the dialogue in bubbles above the characters heads. Still worth the vocabulary learning alone, as the kids all seem to love it. Highly recommended.
review 2: I adore this series of books done by various artist-comic artist. The Benny and Jenny series teaches lessons in a fun way, that my little understands easy. They comics for readers, and the last pages are instructions for parents on how to use the series to teach reading. Comics, as a child helped me learn to read. Tin Tin-I thank m
... morey teacher for sharing her collection with me. The illustrations are well done. They are books, that will become classics to pass down for generations. less
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I love Benny and Penny and this lives up to expectations. Not the best one but still great.
Not bad, story is a little disjointed, but kids will enjoy it for its simple, silly humor.
gender stereotypes not to my liking.
Pretty cute
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