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The Immorality Engine (2011)

by George Mann(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
190672718X (ISBN13: 9781906727185)
Newbury and Hobbes
review 1: While I prefer steampunk as a genre to hard fantasy, I am coming to realize that's damning with faint praise. That is to say, I don't prefer it by much. This book reminds me why. While set in a semi-plausible past (sorry, I simply don't buy that a Victorian woman would have the kind of freedoms enjoyed by one of the main characters) it still stretched bounds of credulity for me. Not to mention that cheerful pip-pip, cheerio tone began to grate after a chapter or three. And there were times when I wasn't quite sure if this was a mystery or a (well-written, for that genre) romance novel. I've certainly read worse, but I don't expect to pick up any other books featuring these characters.
review 2: #3 of this Victorian-era steampunk trilogy, and perhaps a bit bette
... morer than the first two in the series. Set just months after the Osiris Ritual, our hero has descended into opium and laudenum addiction, our heroine is still trying to save him without tipping her hand too much, and all sorts of sinister events are about to occur, most unleashed from a most unexpected source (which I won't reveal here). There's still plenty of mayhem, but thankfully no zombies which makes this an even better read (if you don't mind mayhem). This book completely deserves its 4 rating. I'm awaiting the publication of the next installment... less
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Somehow Michael Bay got hold of the manuscript, but it's still a nice uncomplicated steampunk novel.
Adventure mystery that gets a bit graphic but overall a great read!
I quite enjoyed this book! I can't wait for the next one
My favourite of the three.
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