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Lost In A River Of Grass (2012)

by Ginny Rorby(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
Carolrhoda Books
review 1: Genre is Adventure. This book is about a girl who moves to Miami and takes a tour of the Everglades. She pretends to be sick so she can go on an airboat ride with a guy she barely knows. When the boat sinks she and Andy need to make it to the levee which is 10 miles from where they are stuck. She does more than she thought that she could. I really like this book it never gets baring, yet everything they do is believable that a person could do that. It doesn't leave you hanging at the end if you read the epilogue. I recommend this book for people who like adventure, with a little romance.
review 2: Lost in the River of Grass by Ginny Rorby, was great! I loved how he put it in sections based on the day. It was easy read with a lot of disscription about the evergl
... moreades. It is an adventure novel that any teen would like.While out on a feild trip to the everglades Sarah takes an airboat trip alone with a guy she doesn't know. While at a old camp 10 miles deep in swamp the boat sinks and they must work together to get out alive. And to sarah it seams like everything but a baby duck is out to get her. This adventure book has some twists and turns that make you wasnt to never stop reading! less
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Read this book for our Mother Daughter Book club this month. I loved it! It was a page turner.
I really liked this book it kept my attention the whole time. The ending was a huge surprise.
Review to come.
Awesome book
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