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Gratis Kyss I Mørket (2011)

by Glenda Millard(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This was not the book I thought it was. It is dystopic, it is also a runaway novel, but mainly it is a book about relationships. Skip (age 11) meets Billy (older, not identified, but old enough to pass as grandfather)on the streets as a runaway, and they bond, but only loosely as most street relationships must be....then the war happens (the aggressor is never named) and they become dependant on each other for survival. They also pick up Max (age 6) and begin to take care of him until they can find his parents. They make a home at an amusement park, and meet Tia (age 15) who has a newborn baby. What they do to form their family, keep it safe and get away, is really what makes this story so good.....the relationships formed in spite of themselves. This is a quick, but... more intense read.....so good
review 2: A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Glenda Millard is an outstanding book because of its excellent use of imagery and the way it can connect the story to the reader. For most, the title is very misleading however this book is much more than the cover. Being an artist myself this book was very interesting to me. The main character, Skip, is very artistic and sees the world from a completely different point of view. When you may look at a tree and see the brown bark and green leaves, Skip may see how the light shines off the dew on the leaves and creates a shadow on the ground. A perfect example of this is when Skip says “I stares at the black between the tiles and made my eyes go skinny so I could concentrate on the reverse pattern. A siren screamed close by. Lights smeared across the entry of the arcade: ribbons of dangerous red and ice-cold blue” (Millard 38). Skip notices the little detail in things which is what makes this book so enjoyable. It takes imagery to whole new level, which makes this book impossible to put down. Glenda Millard connects the story to the reader because this book talks about what life is like after a war. The struggle for survival during the aftermath of a war is something that Skip talks about often. It makes the reader feel sympathetic towards him and what he is going through. You can feel Skips pain when he says “I’m hungry. I gotta go. I found a place that you can get bread for free. They leave their leftovers in an alley-garbage bags full of it” (Millard 15). That fact that Skip must get food from the garbage in order to survive is very sad and really made me reevaluate how lucky I am to have the things that I do. Glenda Millard was able to touch my heart with scenes like this. This is why A Small Free Kiss in the Dark is such an amazing book. less
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A pretty good book :) sad at times but its a story of war and love and the power of the imagination
It was amazing very touche I loved the way skip would express himself and his pov.
i thought it was a garet book and i would love to read it over and over.
It was a really sweet book and tear-jerking near the end.
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