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Bảy Năm Sau (2000)

by Guillaume Musso(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Within the thriller genre, Musso is really one of my favorite writers. I love his writing style and the arches he uses in his stories. In the Netherlands his translated books always appear around July, so these are usually the first books I buy in order to read them on my holiday. This year, "Vlucht uit New York" was my literary thriller gem. Never a dull moment with and in his books.One of Musso's gifts is that he is able to create stories that are interesting from the start. It is not necessarily an event happening in the first place, but also his style. He has the ability to implement both excitement and love in his stories and blend these two ingredients to a story that is interesting to read from the beginning until the end. "Vlucht uit New York", or "7 ans apres" is ... morea lovely book, easy to read and interesting enough to finish in a couple of days. Musso succeeds in keeping the story interesting and exciting, there are few to no declines in tension. I have to admit, compared to his previous thriller ("Bericht uit Parijs" of "L'appel de l'ange") this book was less "thrilling", more of a detective. Sometimes even an implausible story.To me, the book was a little predictive, there are many clues to the ending of the book, although there are a couple of surprising elements in the end. What I absolutely love about this book is Musso's ability to describe environments and settings, particularly his description of Paris and the atmosphere there in the scene on the boat. Definitely one of Musso's best qualities.I doubted between a three and four star rating, but rated three stars in the end because of the predictability of the book and the fact that this book did not feel like a thriller to me.
review 2: Voici un auteur dont je ne comprends pas le fulgurant succès...Le hasard a voulu que j'en lise quelques livres, mais je dois dire que 7 ans après est sans doute le plus médiocre de tous.Intrigue transparente et cousue de fil blanc, le noeud de l'histoire apparait très rapidement et le suspense reste vraiment limité. Les personnages sont plats, caricaturaux et absolument pas attachants. Le style est sans grâce. Bref, de la très mauvaise littérature de gare.Apparemment, il s'agit de l'auteur le plus lu en France. Quel dommage, il y a tellement d'autres auteurs merveilleux et talentueux à découvrir!Seul point positif, cela se lit très vite. less
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Mignon, même si la fin est trop précipitée.
La fin ma déçu.
Pas fan.
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