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L'attacco Dei Giganti N. 6 (2013)

by Hajime Isayama(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 4
Planet Manga
Attack on Titan
review 1: I really enjoyed reading this, the sixth, volume of Attack on Titan. There just seemed to be more action in it. What made it better for me was the female titan, who seems to have intelligence and a mission. Her battle against the Survey Corps and their pursuit of capturing her created a great read for me. I couldn't put it down! This volume, out of all the Attack on Titan volumes I've read, has got to be one of the best, so far. I'm only halfway through the series, and it's only getting better and better. Looking forward to reading the next in the series, and maybe soon I'll start watching the anime.
review 2: Aaaaaannd the intensity continues!! The action is still just as wonderful and the plot will continue to hold you at the edge of your seat. There is defin
... moreite character development with a few characters this time around and we also get to learn a bit Titan tactics. This is definitely a series that just keeps on getting better and better as it unravels from one page to the very next. I love it so very much! less
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epic battle!! cuman artwork nya kurang bagus, tapi nih manga wajib di koleksi
Algo estesante... Muy interesante la historia.
I am screaming this is incredibly good.
Read 3-18-14
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