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Vaclav And Lena (2011)

by Haley Tanner(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
1400069319 (ISBN13: 9781400069316)
The Dial Press
review 1: Vaclena! Really that says it all. I was very impressed by the story of the Magnificent Vaclav and his assistant the Lovely Lena! The language is flawless, I had a different voice and weight of accent for all the characters as I was reading and this made me extremely fond of every one of them. Then there was the simple destiny of Vaclav and Lena that I couldn't pull myself away from. They were there for each other as children, when they were torn apart, and when they came together again; they will always be together that just is. I'm very drawn to this concept, it makes me happy; even if there are dark spots in their lives Vaclav and Lena will always have each other. I would recommend this read to anyone it was extremely good!
review 2: I picked this on a
... more whim from the recently returned audiobooks in my library's Overdrive app. There wasn't much of a synopsis accompanying it, but I decided the book cover was well-designed enough that it couldn't be all that bad. And it wasn't. It turned out to toe the line well enough between a childlike sweetness and being unbearably twee, and there were moments that punched me in the gut and had me in tears. There were, though, a couple of things kept this from the 4-to-5 star territory for me. The second act of the book, however, felt rushed. The glimpses into Lena's internal world (read by Rebecca Lowman rather than Kirby Heyborne) were all too brief, leaving me dissatisfied with how nicely things seemed to rest between Vaclav and Lena at the end. Vaclav becomes not only a magician, but Prince Charming waking Sleeping Beauty. I also wondered about the portrayal of Russian immigrant culture. There was so much emphasis on the stereotypes of extreme Soviet privation, corruption, and lots of borscht that I felt it didn't come from authentic experience or genuine research. That said, it was a quick, enjoyable story; an American fairy tale. less
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Very tender. The "voices" of Vaclav and of Lena are authentic and endearing.
This book was simple, but very engrossing. Beautifully written and sad.
It's 3.5!
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