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The Wolves Of The North (2012)

by Harry Sidebottom(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
0718155939 (ISBN13: 9780718155933)
Michael Joseph
Warrior of Rome
review 1: He left me hanging - - I can't forgive him.This book includes a mystery of sorts - and I am sure some people who read it could have figured out who the bad guy was.Well there are a lot of bad guys but I mean the one who dismembers their victims. I thought I had a idea but - the author threw me a curve -.Lots of action - lots of references to Greek and Roman literature. Harry Sidebottom does a great job.On to book 6.
review 2: As a title for this review I thought `There and (almost) back again' might fit, as it appeared to sum up the plot pretty well and cast a knowing reference to all those Germanic poems and mentions of middle-earth by Ballista and his friends.Then I toyed with `The Horror! The Horror!' where Hippothous quotes Conrad's Kurtz with reference to
... moreone of the book's better jokes and provides a nice example of a heart of darkness.The novel's best joke, however, in my opinion, opens chapter 10 and reads as follows:`Hippothous felt like a character in a novel. Not one of those centred on the Hellenic world, but an adventure story that roamed to the end of the earth; something like `The wonders beyond Thule'.As literary allusion goes, this is beyond price. It helped keep me sane as that interminable journey across the steppe went on and on. I found myself thinking about how many levels of reference there are contained in these two sentences. I thought about how pleased the author must be with the neatness of what he had written and whether he wondered how many readers would actually appreciate the references.There it is: Wolves of the North is a novel for everyman and has something for everyone. It is not just a rambling journey through the steppes concluding with a series of battles and a serial killer thrown in. It also blazes with searing scholarship. It even finishes not with a bang but a whimper. less
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Did move a little but will read next book as still enjoying
Great offering from Harry Sidebottom, again
One of the best from Harry Sidebottom
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